See Spot Run


NO MORE YELLOW SPOTS: Repair, Restore, and Prevent Grass Burn Marks and eliminate the embarrassment of a spot-filled yard by healing the brown and yellow spots left by frequent dog urination. While See Spot Run can’t bring dead grass back to life, it’s the most effective grass saver, completely healing the soil to allow new grass, sod or seed to grow.
KEEPS THE LAWN GREEN AND BEAUTIFUL! Our product is a Lawn Saver! Works in the soil and not on the plant itself making lawns look greener and fresher unlike lawn paints that only cover up the problem. See Spot Run can be used with your favorite Lawn Fertilizer, with the exception of insecticides or fertilizers heavy in Nitrogen, as they diminish the soil healing power of our Good Microbes!
NATURAL & EFFECTIVE! See the difference! Our 100% all-natural, long lasting, proven effective proprietary formula, is guaranteed to work and promotes a safe environment for all household pets and children giving you peace of mind! For severe damage, See Spot Run will not bring dead grass back to life, but it will naturally, and fully heal the soil so new grass can grow through means of reseeding or sodding.

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